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Greetings to all my website visitors!  My name is Charlette and I love my work. I have the privilege and pleasure of discovering the inner beauty of each unique person who enters into a therapeutic relationship with me. Therapy sessions address the most meaningful aspects of people’s lives- their self-image, relationships, wounds, struggles, victories, emotions, beliefs, needs, dreams and goals. I am a seasoned professional who has developed expertise in highly effective methods that help people change when they are stuck and don't like the way their life is going. The approaches I use are not band-aides; they produce deep healing and competency in handling life's challenges.

My efforts are focused on helping people to function at their best and experience a more satisfying life.  While those who have never been in therapy may have all kinds of misconceptions and uneasiness about what it means to see a therapist, the reality is that those who have chosen the helping and mental health professions feel a deep respect for their fellow human beings and are dedicated to helping them thrive.  Whatever anxiety a person may feel initially in therapy will give way to the experience of being heard, understood, supported, validated, challenged and guided in a way that is comforting, growth-enhancing and rewarding.  

Life is difficult and we all have problems.  That is the human condition.  But human beings do have the capacity to become self-aware, learn, solve their problems and experience a joyful life.  For those problems that are confusing, frustrating, overwhelming and relentless, seeing a therapist can be a smart thing to do.  Mental health professionals have expertise and experience that enable them to recognize and understand common and troublesome human predicaments, patterns and conditions more readily than the layperson.  They assist people in developing and strengthening the knowledge, resources and skills needed to manage or resolve these difficulties. Psychotherapists have received extensive training to help people get to the root of their problems and discover the many effective ways to bring about real and lasting change.

In addition to providing psychotherapy to individuals and their significant others, I also offer prevention and educational services. I am available to speak to the public and organizations on the subjects of "Learning How to Thrive," "Psychological Trauma and Healing," "The Impact of Stress, Trauma and Relationships on Our Bodies" and "Creating Secure Love Relationships." I have written a book called Peace in the Heart and HomeA Down-to-Earth Guide to Creating a Better Life for You and Your Loved Ones. It is available in paperback and digital e-book formats at Additionally, I have unabridged audiobooks available for sale at my office.

Those of you who choose to make use of my services can be assured of receiving personalized, confidential care, attention and guidance. You can count on my optimism, energy, warmth, understanding and professional skills as we work together to achieve the changes you desire.

I invite you to call me and schedule a meeting. It would be my pleasure to help you find the path to a better life.


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